Code of Conduct

This code of conduct pertains to the responsible usage of the mess facility inside the institutes's premises by all its individuals.Appropriate action will be initiated against all individuals upon violation of any component of this code.

  • Since the mess facility is a part of the student hostel, all users should strictly adhere to the hostel rules and regulations.
  • All students residing in hostels must register as regular boarders to the associated mess facility.
  • The mess facilities are made available only to the registered boarders and valid guests, who comprise institute community members with valid ID cards, and guests accompanying them (up to 3 per member). In case of larger parties (up to 10 guests), a booking request may be made with the SCMM Committee a day in advance, but the committee reserves the right to turn down the request if not viable.
  • There is an upper limit on the number of valid guest users who can dine in the mess facility during any meal decided by the SCMM Committee. The mess staff reserve the right to turn down additional users in accordance with this limit.
  • Coupons for valid guest users will be available for purchase (at rates prescribed by the SCMM Committee) at the entrance to the mess facility only during the meal. Coupons will not be available for purchase in advance.
  • The timings of the mess facility should be respected.
  • Sharing of food inside the mess facility is strictly prohibited.
  • Inordinate wastage of food items at the mess facility is a punishable offence.
  • Taking utensils outside the mess facility is not permitted.
  • An orderly queue has to be formed while waiting for food to be served or for the water filter, and also while putting away used utensils.
  • Keeping used glasses on top of either the water filters, water-coolers, or any other place other than the disposal tub, is strictly prohibited.
  • The food provided by the facility is only for consumption within the premises of the mess. The usage of lunch boxes/ tiffin boxes to take food from the mess is strictly restricted to registered boarders who are sick.
  • Negotiations, confrontations, or arguments with the mess staff should be avoided in all situations. Any issues regarding the mess must be brought to the attention of the SCMM Committee.
  • A feedback register is available at the mess hall. Students are requested to record their complaints on the register.
  • With the exception of mess committee members, the mess faculty advisor, and the wardens, no other mess users are allowed to enter the mess kitchen.
  • Mess users are prohibited from keeping their bags, handbags, satchels, or any other personal belongings on the mess tables.
  • Entering the mess with lab-coats or other protective lab gear is strictly prohibited.