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90 Lost Wallet It Was A Dark Brown Shiny Leather With Check Pattern On It. Had Cash.. 6291011427 Email: @iiserb.ac.in LHC No 31-10-2019
89 Lost Mobile Phone Yellow- Brown Cover, Samsung Galaxy J5 Max, Captain America Wallpaper 8917206528 Punyasloka17 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Computer Centre No 30-11-2019
88 Lost Blue Clour Hoodie A Blue Colour Hoodie, Size M Phno-8917206528 Punyasloka17@ Email: @iiserb.ac.in Computer Centre No 30-10-2019
87 Lost Bluetooth Headphone It Is Black And Green In Color, Boat Rockers Headphone 9178003327, AB3 Lab No 113 Email: Shikha1989@iiserb.ac.in Academic Building No 30-09-2019
86 Lost Tissot Wrist Watch Tissot Brand,Black LeatherStrap,round Case,black Dial,date,day Display Email: Ramakrishnan18@iiserb.ac.in NA 30-09-2019
85 Lost Skyrock Cycle Grey From Community Centre Grey Coloured Skyrock With White Bottle On The Front Part 8420245836 Oihik18@iiserb.ac.i Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 30-01-2020
84 Lost Wallet Blue Coloured Wallet With H Symbol Also Has My Driving Lic Inside It 9754335096 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 30-01-2020
83 Lost Bottle Milton Thermosteel 500ml Bottle Ph: 7588482701 Sartahk17 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Computer Centre 30-01-2020
82 Lost Room And Office Keys The Key Chain Has A Circle Inside A Triangle With Three Keys In It. Contact: 9871119679 NA 29-10-2021
81 Lost Bicycle Tata Stryder Harris Without Carrier,yellow Color,blue Color Break Cord Email: Rishabh18@iiserb.ac.in Hostel 5 29-09-2019
80 Lost Earphone Sennheiser Cx 213, Black, Without Mic, One Bud A Little Rugged 09587501877 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Hostel 1 No 29-02-2020
79 Found Earphone We Found A White Samsung Earphone In Front Of Lab 17, AB 2. Lab No. 17, AB 2, Ground Floor Email: @iiserb.ac.in Academic Building 28-10-2019
78 Lost HP Laptop Charger A Black Coloured HP Laptop Charger, Power 60W 9422823470 Email: Tanmayb17@iiserb.ac.in NA No 28-09-2019
77 Lost Corp Bank ATM Card Corporation Bank ATM Card With Corp Instant Card Written. Rupay Card 7049035073 Email: Swapnil17@iiserb.ac.in Computer Centre No 28-09-2019
76 Lost Books MATLAB Guide, Introduction To Mathematical Statistics. 9096148758 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Academic Building No 28-02-2020
75 Lost Umbrella Lost From Library Written Johns In The Place Where We Hold It. Written Popy Inside. 8921256534 Ajmal17@iiserb Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 27-10-2019
74 Lost Umbrella Bright Blue Umbrella With Wooden J Handle Brand Johns Gswarna19@iiserb.ac.in Hostel2 Academic Building No 27-07-2021
73 Lost Watch I Have Lost My FasTrack Wrist Watch From Hostel 5 Orlibrary While Ago. Phone No. 7038655164 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Hostel 5 26-10-2019
72 Lost Bicycle My Bicycle With Black And Green Colors And A Mudguard Is Lost. 8724828248 Dhawal18@iiserb.ac. Hostel 5 26-09-2021
71 Lost ID CARD Details: SAMRAJNI GHOSH 17238 BS-MS 2017 8617894898 Email: Samrajni17@iiserb.ac.in Academic Building No 26-09-2019
70 Lost ID CARD LOST ID CARD IN L1 SURROUNDINGS Sai18@iiserb.ac.in 9100641404 Email: @iiserb.ac.in LHC No 25-11-2019
69 Lost Umbrella Black Colour ,2fold Umbrella 9502334502.hostel7,room No:228 Email: Kamal19@iiserb.ac.in LHC No 25-09-2019
68 Lost Institute ID Card NA No 25-02-2021
67 Lost Institute Id Card Id Card, 190502, IPhD19 Physics, Anirban19@iiserb.ac.in M. 7031606110 NA 25-02-2021
66 Lost Earphones White,Samsung Earphones Fell Probably On Campus Road Email: Chandramauli18@iiserb.ac.in NA No 24-09-2019
65 Lost Wallet Black Leather Wallet Containing Identity Cards And Debit Card 91 7093127887 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 24-02-2020
64 Lost Ipad Pencil Ipad Pencil White Color Harpal19@iiserb.ac.in Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 24-01-2020
63 Lost Earphone Pouch Containing Apple Earphones Earphone Pouch Containing Apple Earphones 9999631453 Mudassir18@iiserb. Email: @iiserb.ac.in Hostel 1 No 23-11-2019
62 Lost Ear Phones Boult Audio Bassbuds X1 Wired Headset Red Colour 9502334502 NA 23-10-2021
61 Lost Ipad Pencil White Color Pencil Used For Ipad 9501598279 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 23-01-2020
60 Lost Somebody Mistook My IISM Blue Bag Containing SBI Debt Card And Pouch From Library Section IISM Blue Bag Containing SBI Debt Card And Pouch Went Missing No: 9400974569 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 22-11-2019
59 Found Spectacles Found The Glasses On A Bench Near The Hostel 1 Bus Stop. 7083687663 NA 22-07-2021
58 Lost One Plus Dash Charger White Adapter, Red Cable. OnePlus6 Dash Charger 08554842498 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 21-10-2019
57 Lost Cycle Green Colour Old Volcano Cycle With Carrier. Hostel-5, Contant:7000157330, LHC No 20-03-2021
56 Lost HP Laptop Bag Containing Laptop HP Grey And Black Laptop Bag Containing Hp Laptop, Charger And Books 7025765576, Abee18@iiserb Email: @iiserb.ac.in LHC 20-01-2020
55 Lost Cupboard And Room Keys I Have Lost Two Keys Of Lab Cupboard And One Key Of Room Together 9589081337 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 19-12-2019
54 Lost Boat Earphone Blue Color Boat Headset Naved18@iiserb.ac.in Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 19-11-2019
53 Lost Hoodie I Black Colour Hoodie Brand Proline Sai18@iiserb.ac.in 9100641404 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 19-11-2019
52 Lost UMBRELLA Navy Blue And White Alternate Striped Large Umbrella With Black Holder ATHUL KRISHNAN 7025888790 Email: Athulk18@iiserb.ac.in LHC 19-09-2019
51 Lost Mobile Phone Black Color,Samsung GURU. Keypadphone.Lost Near Bench In Kho-kho Groun 8921256534 Hostel 7, Room 214 Hostel 1 18-03-2021
50 Lost Grey HP Bag Lost From Library, Tuesday, 17 September 2019 Been 8 Pm And 10 Pm 8724 828248 Email: Dhawal18@iiserb.ac.in NA 17-09-2019
49 Lost Keys The Keychain Has United States Of America Written In It Manasp18@iiserb.ac.in Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 17-02-2020
48 Lost SONY Sony WI C400 Wireless Bluetooth In Ear Neck Band Headphones Wireless Bluetooth In Ear Neck Band Headphones Contact No. 8052087273 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Academic Building No 16-12-2020
47 Lost Yonex Muscle Power 29 Badminton Racquet Yonex Muscle Power 29 Badminton Racquet With Free Full Cover Contact No. 8052087273 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Academic Building No 16-12-2020
46 Lost Keys Bunch Of Three Keys 7869147296 Mess 1 No 16-11-2021
45 Lost Umbrella Black Umbrella Yellow Button Paribar Chata 8917206528 Email: Punyasloka17@iiserb.ac.in LHC 16-09-2019
44 Found Ring A Ring With A White Stone Nihal16@iiserb.ac.in Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 16-02-2020
43 Found Key Keychain With USA Seal Containing 2 Keys. 8436811918 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 16-02-2020
42 Lost Umbrella Black Colour, Paribar Umbrella, Yellow Button Punyasloka17 8917206528 Email: Punyasloka17@iiserb.ac.in LHC No 15-09-2019
41 Lost SBI DEBIT CARD Card No:4591*****05 Name On Card:STATE BANK CUSTOMER,card Edge Broken Contact:8593990862 7646835779 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 15-03-2020
40 Lost ID CARD ID Card In Cover Achala Apte AB3 Lab 216 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Academic Building No 14-09-2020
39 Found ATM Card Found SBI ATM Card Near Basketball Court. No Card Holder Name Parulm@iiserb.ac.in Email: Parulm@iiserb.ac.in NA No 14-09-2019
38 Lost Bicycle Hercules Avalanche Roadeo, Golden Colour. Pl Return If U Just Borrowed If Found Call 7024222637 Hostel 7 14-03-2021
37 Lost Realme Earphones Green Color, Email-aiswarya16@iiserb.ac.in Ph: 9109671838 NA 13-03-2021
36 Lost Key Key Numbered 0604 Without Any Key Chain 7697204206 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 12-12-2020
35 Lost Bicycle Company:Hercules Model Name:Brut No Suspension, Bell,Rearview Mirror 8639239305 Udit19 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Hostel 7 No 12-11-2019
34 Lost SBI ATM Card SBI ATM Card Phone No. 7558705074 Email: Ayesha18@iiserb.ac.in Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 12-02-2020
33 Lost Philipps Earphone Blue Colour Philips Earphone 9874589317 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Hostel 1 11-11-2020
32 Lost Realme Earbuds Realme Earbuds White Colored Lost In AB-2 Near Table Tennis Court Disha Mob No-9415686432 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Academic Building 11-11-2020
31 Lost Student ID Card Student ID Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 08-11-2019
30 Lost Id Card Institute Id Card Aasawari18@iiserb.ac Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 08-02-2020
29 Lost Keys Keychain Is A Targaryen Sigil With Fire And Blood Written On It Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 08-01-2020
28 Lost Headphones BOSE QC 25 HEADPHONES. THE LEFT EARCUP IS RIPPED BLACK IN COLOUR. 7093127887 Email: Sachin18@iis Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 07-11-2019
27 Lost Sony Wireless Earphones Black Colored Sony Truly Wireless Earphones WF SP800N 8975061427 LHC 07-10-2021
26 Found Boat Rockers Bluetooth Headset Found In Lhc Lawn, Whatsapp-6291134672 Email-gourav18@iiserb.ac.in Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 07-01-2020
25 Lost Pencil Box Containg My Institue ID PENCIL BAX IS BLUE IN COLOR WITH STRPES AND CONTAIN INSTIYUE ID CARD 9617572188 Email: @iiserb.ac.in LHC No 06-12-2019
24 Lost Gold Ear Ring Ring Type- Gold Ear Ring Mail- Subhasree18@iiserb.ac.in Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 06-11-2019
23 Lost Earphones Ubon Black Earphones Bhore18@iiserb.ac.in Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 06-11-2019
22 Lost Badminton Racket Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Black String And Violet Grip. 7709196717 NA 06-03-2021
21 Found Boat Rockers Bluetooth Headset Found In LHC Lawn, Please Contact-gourav18@iiserb.ac.in Whatsapp-6291134672 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 06-01-2020
20 Lost Casio Scientific Calculator Scientific Calculator 991MS Mob 7764996215 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 05-12-2019
19 Lost Eyeglasses Black-grey Coloured Frame Hostel-6,RoomNo.317 9406954554 Email: Keshav17@iiserb.ac.in NA 05-10-2019
18 Lost Notebook Blue Cover Classmate Notebook With My Name On The Index Page 9007548149 Email: Ishaque16 Email: @iiserb.ac.in LHC No 04-11-2019
17 Lost Mobile Phone Brand:Xiaomi Model:Redmi Note5 Colour:Black Lost At Community Centre EmailID:manasj18@iiserb.ac.in Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 04-03-2020
16 Lost Transparent Packet Containing Idea Sim Card And Memory Card Lost On 1st February Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 04-02-2020
15 Found Blue Jacket Blue Outside, White Fur On Inside, Metallic Buttons Mail Anjuman19 Mob 972514409 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 04-02-2020
14 Lost Charger White Colored Iphone XR Charger,lost In Shopping Centre Yesterday 8085555835 9660701901 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 03-12-2019
13 Lost Charger White Colored Iphone XR Charger,lost In Shopping Center Yesterday 8085555835 9660701901 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 03-12-2019
12 Lost Apple Thunderbolt 3 USB C To Thunderbolt 2 Adapter And Apple Thunderbolt To Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Apple Thunderbolt 3 USB C To Thunderbolt 2 Adapter And Apple Thunderbo Shubham19 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA 03-03-2020
11 Lost Samsung Galaxy S8 Black Phone With Broken Tempered Glass And Screen Shanchhith 8958632218 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 03-03-2020
10 Lost College Id Card Id Card Is Laminated 7667751253 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 03-02-2020
9 Lost Class Notes Of Nuclear Phy And Atomic Phy 2 Subject Names Written With Black Marker On Cover. Name Written Insid 7024222637 Email: @iiserb.ac.in LHC No 03-02-2020
8 Found Found A Axis Bank ATM Card ATM Card No. 4691 9700 1486 521 Axis Bank VISA Platinum Phone No. 9456282357 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Hostel 7 03-01-2020
7 Lost Spectacles Spectacles With Square Lens, Black Frame And Wide Red Arms Ph : 9123727527 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Hostel 2 No 02-12-2019
6 Lost Wallet Black Leather Mens Wallet Containing My Photo And Few Coins 8308817065 Academic Building No 02-11-2021
5 Lost Black Wallet It Contains My College Id Card, Atm Card And Some Money.. 7326935800, 7008921802 Email: Pritam19@iiserb.ac.in LHC No 02-10-2019
4 Lost ID Card ID Card With Name And Contact Mentioned. 8369941750 NA No 01-11-2021
3 Lost Cycle With Carrier Black Coloured Tata Stryder With CARRIER. Blue Coloured Logo, Red Lock 9765906810 Apoorv18 NA 01-10-2021
2 Found 500 Rupees I Found 500 Rupees Near Turn Toward Hostel 1 From AB3 Side Road Ab3,ground Floor Lab No 1 Email: @iiserb.ac.in NA No 01-01-2020
1 Lost Grey Pencil Bag Grey Colored Contains My Institute ID Card,pens Pencil,erases,sharpner M : 9123727527 Swagata19 Email: @iiserb.ac.in Hostel 2 No 01-01-2020
Lost Article
Short Description & Contact Details
Where it was lost/found
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